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Live the Lifestyle. Australian Sauna & Steam Rooms stand for quality, service and an affordable lifestyle choice.

Australian Sauna & Steam Rooms (ASSR) specialise in the supply and installation of traditional Finnish custom made saunas and steam rooms. From design and construction, to the supply and servicing of sauna and steam room equipment, sauna refurbishments, kit saunas and genuine accessories, ASSR is the definitive leader in the Australian market.

Australian Sauna & Steam Rooms are Australia’s largest stockist of sauna and steam equipment and official distributor of SAWO, the original and leading Finnish Sauna and Steam Room equipment brand. With almost a century of experience in the manufacture of sauna heaters, and the highest quality materials, assembly and latest technology, you can depend on SAWO - your guarantee of excellence.

Kit Saunas SAWO have succeeded in manufacturing a range of sauna products that sets new standards of
technical excellence, presented with the clean modern styling and finish that so perfectly complements today's sophisticated lifestyle. SAWO takes much care in the production of their products. From the first moment you open the box of a SAWO product it is clear that extra care has been taken to bring their crafstmanship to you in perfect condition.

Enjoy more of your life with the SAWO range of quality products. SAWO, original Finnish saunas, sauna heaters, accessories and steam generators offer pure pleasure and perfect relaxation. SAWO's heaters are all Stainless-Steel construction, inside and out offering rugged strength and corrosion-resistant durability that sets new benchmarks for the future. The inner working parts such as timers, thermostats, and elements are all constructed to Finnish Industry Standards, already proven in decades of reliable service. Almost a century of experience in the manufacture of sauna heaters, highest quality raw
materials and the latest technology are the guarantee of SAWO quality. From this blend of innovation
and tradition, SAWO bring delight, and great prices to the world's sauna bathers.

Finland is recognised everywhere as the homeland of the sauna and the history of the sauna extends back some 2000 years. In Finland alone there are almost two million saunas for a population of five
million. Living proof of this recognition is the genaral adoption of the Finnish word "sauna" into other languages. During the last few decades the sauna has become more and more popular all over the
world, be if for the private home, hotel, health spa or club. The simplicity and versitility of sauna construction means that saunas and steam rooms are often put together using a wide range of ready made elements and accessories.

SAWO is are the world's third largest electric sauna heater manufacturer with the capacity of more than 100 000 units per year. SAWO is also the first major European sauna company, which has started manufacturing specifically for the Australian market. Specifically via SAWO Australia SAWO provides equipment specifically rated for Australian standards.

Because of continuous product development, we can offer high-quality and up to date sauna products.
All our products are tested under the most demanding circumstances. SAWO-products offer excellent
value for money and a genuine Finnish sauna experience.

SAWO Sauna Heaters - SAWO offers all that is best in Finnish sauna heaters with a wide chocie of models with modern design, durable construction and comfortable and easy to use control units. SAWO products pay special attention to safety and durability.

SAWO Steam Generators - Thanks to its small dimentions the steam generator can be installed in:
external walls, nearby rooms or built into steam or bath furniture. All the steam generators are made to
stand the heaviest commercial use. The stainless steel boilers offer: incalloy elements, electronically controlled water feed solenoid valves, low water level cut-out, safety pressure release valves and a built-in 25 minutes electronic timer.

SAWO Control Panels - SAWO control panels provide you a chance to control several functions from outside the sauna room. The stylish and durable splashproof housing makes them safe and reliable to use.

SAWO Sauna Accessories - We can supply a full range of genuine and traditional Finnish sauna accessories to give a beautiful finish to your sauna. Take a look at our selection and you will notice the outstanding craftmanship, design and quality.

To find out more information about our saunas and steam rooms then call 0401 095 545 or email

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