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Our Traditional Finnish designed Saunas are made of
premium grade western red cedar and come complete
and ready for self assemble.

Included with the Kit:
• Scandia SAWO Sauna Heater
• Periodite Sauna Stones
• Sauna Pail
• Sauna Ladle
• Thermometer/Hygrometer
• Sauna Light
• Sauna Shade
• Heater Safety Rail
• Back Rest
• Benching Skirts
• Glass Door
Kit SaunasAustralian Sauna & Steam Rooms is proud to offer the Australian market, products and accessories based on almost a century of Finnish experience. This lifestyle and simple physical luxury is now available to all consumers in Australia at an affordable price.

The Sunset, Temptation and Paradise self assembled saunas offer the most cost
effective way to add a quality traditional Finnish Sauna to your home. They are perfect
for placement on decks, by pools, home Gyms or even indoors in a unit or home.

• Sunset

1 – 2 person self assemble sauna, which uses a 3kW SAWO Sauna Heater.
Size 1362 x 1362mm. Click here for PDF Floor Plan

• Temptation

3-4 person Self Assemble Sauna, L Shape upper bench which uses a 4.5kW SAWO Sauna Heater. Size 1552 x 1552mm.
Click here for PDF Floor Plan

• Paradise

5 person Self Assemble Sauna, L Shape upper & lower bench, using a 6kW SAWO Sauna Heater. Size 1552 x 1962mm.
Click here for PDF Floor Plan

Your Sauna arrives flat packed with easy to follow instructions and all hardware required to assemble your Kit in a few hours. However,
if you don’t have the time, Australian Sauna and Steam Rooms can fully install your new Sauna in most areas.

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