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Australian Sauna and Steam Rooms


• Thermometers/Hygrometers
• Pails & Ladles
• Sand Timers
• Sauna Lights
• Clocks
• Sauna Doors
• Wooden Pillow
• Vents
• Wooden Floor Mat
• Bottle Opener/Coaster
• Sauna Stones (periodite)
• Soapstone Cubes
• Sauna Wall Panelling
• Sauna Benching
Round Thermometer230-T (Thermometer)
Round Type (with cover)
(W) 135 x (H) 30
Available in Pine and Cedar
Round Thermometer231 (Thermometer- Hygrometer)
Round Type (with cover)
(W) 185 x (H) 30
Wooden Pail340-P
4L Wooden Pail
with Plastic Insert
Available in Pine and Cedar
Wooden Pail341-P
4L Wooden Pail
with Ratten Handle
(O) 100 x (H) 190
Wooden Ladle440 Wooden Ladle - (L) 410
Available in Pine and Cedar
Plastic Insert304 – Plastic Insert
(O) 235 x (H) 120
Sand Timer550-P Sand Timer
(W) 65 x (H) 300
Sauna Light Cover915-VA Sauna Light Cover
(W) 207 x (H) 75
Sauna Light820 Sauna Light (small)
(W) 135 x (H) 75
Sauna Light821 Sauna Light (Large)
(W) 195 x (H) 110
Wooden Clock530-P Wooden Pail – Clock
(O) 260 x (T) 40
*Not suitable for temperatures above 55 C
Bronze Glass Sauna Door730-4SB Bronze Glass
Sauna Door
Western Red Cedar Frame
(8mm tempered Sauna glass)
(W) 690 x (H) 1890
Clear Glass Sauna Door730-4SC Clear Glass Sauna Door
Western Red Cedar Frame
(8mm tempered Sauna glass)
(W) 690 x (H) 1890
Wooden Pillow511-A Wooden Pillow
(W) 370 x (H) 270
Sauna Air Louver620-P Square Sauna
Air Ventilation Louver
Wooden Floor Mat591 –P Wooden Floor Mat
(without knots)
(W) 215 x (H) 170
Bottle Opener CoasterBottle Opener/Coaster
581-P (O) 80
Soapstone Cubes
R-992 Decorative Soapstone
Cubes 32 pcs/pack
Sauna StonesSauna Stones (periodite)
Sauna Wall PanellingSauna Wall Panelling
Premium Grade
Western Red Cedar
Sizing: 14 x 95mm
Sauna BenchingSauna Benching
Premium Grade
Western Red Cedar
Sizing: 19x22mm
Portable Cedar BenchesPortable Cedar Bench
(W)1200 x (D)500 x (H)500 (W)870 X (D)500 x (H)500
Aroma OilsPamper yourself and
ignite your senses with
SAWO Aroma Oil, a perfect blend of fragrances,
excellent for Steam and
Sauna Rooms.

Please call 0401 095 545 or email for pricing details.

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