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Steam Room Design and Installation

With 20 years’ experience in the steam room industry, Australian Sauna & Steam Rooms (ASSR) can provide specialist consultation and design of high quality steam rooms to meet your individual needs. From private residence and boutique installations through to commercial clubs, gymnasiums and prestige hospitality locations ASSR has the experience and reputation you can depend on.

From a private 1 person Steam Room/Shower in a residential ensuite, to a large commercial installation, only ASSR can provide all the necessary planning and information to conduct a complete Steam Room design and construction.

An ASSR Steam Room is built with the highest regard to tradition and craftsmanship, offering the unique health benefits of an authentic Turkish or Roman style steam bath, whilst presenting a stunning and prestigious enhancement to any home or lifestyle. Steam Room construction is usually carried out by a range of specialist onsite trades with guidance from ASSR.

ASSR chooses to use SAWO Steam generators and can be installed by ASSR or any authorised onsite plumber and electrician, with the services and connections required being similar to the installation of a basic hot water service.

ASSR and SAWO steam room equipment is backed up by a complete warranty and after-sale support and service. Regular service intervals and schedules can be prepared and maintained for clients with high traffic applications.

We pride ourselves on our reputation, detail, workmanship, quality, integrity and customer service. Please let us help you enjoy the wonderful benefits and experience of a superb high quality Steam Room – relax and enjoy today!

  • Australian Saunas and Steam Rooms
  • Australian Saunas and Steam Rooms
  • Australian Saunas and Steam Rooms
  • Australian Saunas and Steam Rooms
  • Australian Saunas and Steam Rooms
  • Australian Saunas and Steam Rooms

Preparing for your Steam Room:

Below are some key points to take into consideration:

• Floor Waste/Drain: An essential item in a steam room is the floor waste/drain due to the high humidity.

• Ceiling Height: For efficiency, it’s recommended a steam room ceiling be lowered to 2300mm. It’s common to rake or curve the ceiling in the room to reduce drips.

• Waterproofing: Complete room is waterproofed ceiling, walls and floor commonly known as Tanking.

• Tiled Floor: The most common flooring used in a Steam room is a non slip tile.

• Steam Room Doors: Must open outwards and have no latches or locks, a door closer or self-closing hinges are recommended to contain steam. Doors in a residential home are commonly frameless glass with a tight 3mm gap top and sides. Commercially doors are usually aluminium framed glass doors closing into an aluminium jamb.

• Wall Finishes: Tiles are the most common finish in a steam room however glass, aluminium sheet and stone can also be used.

• Exhaust fans: If using an exhaust fan in the case of a shower/steam room it is recommended the fan have either a damper or baffle in the ducting or a closing vent/grill so when using as a steam room the duct is closed.

• SAWO steam generator location: Steam generator can be located a maximum of 7m from steam room outlets. Common locations are plant room, laundry, ceiling space, under floor and outside wall (if installed outside a weatherproof cover or box will be required for added protection).

• Services required at SAWO steam generator: Cold water feed, Drainage/Tundish and power supply.

• Steam generator to steam room: ¾ lagged copper steam pipe from generator to supplied chrome steam outlets. Steam outlets are positioned 300mm above finished floor and away from bathers. Supplied SAWO thermostat sensor situated between 1.2-1.5m above finished floor away from steam outlets.

• Control Panel: Supplied control panel is located outside the steam room and is connected to generator with supplied RJ cable.

• Power Supply: Steam generators are hard wired and require a dedicated circuit from the switchboard.

• Lights: Lights in a steam room are usually low voltage and must have an IP65 rating. LED or halogen down lights are commonly used. Light switch must be located outside the Steam Room

Please send your plans to our specialised Steam Room designers for a practical modern layout including a quotation for SAWO steam equipment required. Prompt reply guaranteed. Call Scott on 0401095545 or email

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